Italian Restaurant Patong Beach

Italian Restaurant Patong Beach

La Dolce Vita, the name echoes the sumptuous times of an Italy that made school in the world. Even today, Italy does school, especially in fashion, in cars and in the kitchen.


This restaurant, of which I took the reins about two years ago, is an example of our food and wine culture in the world.
The setting ranges between the indoor hall where there are twelve tables and the outdoor terrace which houses seven.
Tableclothed in fabric and design porcelain warmed by skilful lighting, make the restaurant a pleasantly welcoming place.

The cuisine is based on the archetypes of Italian cuisine, albeit with a few innovations.
The essential raw materials, EVO oil, cured meats and seasoned meats, cheeses and dairy products and wines, are imported from Italy.

So also some meats and some products of the sea, one of all, the Sardinian mussels of Olbia.

Even for some strictly seasonal products, truffles and bottarga, the supply takes place in Italy.


The winery sees about 60 labels that span the entire boot with particular attention to Tuscany, Piedmont and Verona.
Even the distilled paper is quite dialectical, with a presence of about forty labels, from the very Italian grappa, to the whiskey of the islands. From the opulent Rum to the crystalline Vodka.

From the elegant Cognac of Charente to spicy Gin.
Much care is taken in the service of wine and spirits, both for the service temperature and for the glasses used.

A magic spirit male from the distillation of the grapes skin while are still moist.

mostly unwooded abd clear, some producer implements the use oh oak to obtain a more complex Grappa whit an amber color.

One of the most ancient abd popular spirit, made from the distillation of cereal, mostly malt.

Once aged in caskdevelopthe typical amber-gold colour.



At the restaurant “La Dolce Vita” you can taste the flavors and dishes of traditional Italian cuisine proposed with our style, in fact adding fantasy, new combinations we can create dishes with new flavors. Our Chefs revisit the most typical recipes in the name of taste and of creativity, imagination and passion in the kitchen add to the dishes that extra charm that ignites the curiosity of the guests and gratifies the palate.

We select and choose the raw materials giving priority to quality and freshness, pasta and desserts are also handmade in our kitchen.Indulge your palate with our local and international cuisine, a glass of fine wine from our cellar will match it all in the pleasant and comfortable environment of our restaurant.

Italian Restaurant Patong Beach La Dolce Vita

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