One of the first things to do once you arrive on this beautiful island is to rent a scooter,

so that you can move freely without having to spend large amounts for all the transfers by taxi,

useful to reach the beaches and the various points more ‘ beautiful on the island,

ask at the reception of our structure to rent a vehicle in complete safety.

The scooters are in good general conditions checked and overhauled to guarantee safety and they are delivered after a general check of the vehicle with photo documentation and delivery of the passport as a guarantee, must be returned in the same conditions.

We also offer in case of request for Hotel + Scooter packages where you can get 10% discounts if you reach the minimum number of 5 nights of accommodation.


We have different models ranging from 125cc to 150cc, the latter ideal for those who decide to go in two, prices vary depending on the type of bike and depending on the month of rent and then the season.

it is mandatory the helmet and at least the Italian driving license to drive motorcycles or you go to penalties to pay on the spot ranging from 500 thb for the license and about 800 thb for the helmet.

Do not miss our packages ask for useful information and an estimate online, you will have 10% discounted prices Choose to apply to the current season and the length of the rental period to passport.


Bookings requests are acquired through email and phone number.

The same day of the booking request you will be contacted by phone for confirmation.
The availability for the date and time selected could not be granted if you have not been contacted by phone or email.


Nirvana Hotel ​ 241/17-18 Rat-u-Thit 200 Pee Rd. Patong, Kathu, 85130 Phuket, Thailand.

  076 602 247

+66(0)617638153     +393920684769



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